Beyond Modernism: CFRP Sculptures by Peter Donders

BELEZA DESIGN AND ART organized the exhibition “BEYOND MODENISM /ALÉM DO MODERNISMO” in Sao Paulo, bringing new modern design furniture made of different materials and promoting Belgium designers since Europe to Brazil. 

Beleza Design, Sao Paulo, Brazil, MADE

Speaking with Peter Donders, who contributed to the exhibition with two special masterpieces made of Carbon Fiber: C-BENCH & C-STONE. Peter tell us “one fine day in 2010, I met Axel Seifert form Seifert and Skinner who told me a lot about Composites, I learnt what would be the optimized use for composites, the production techniques and so on, then I thought… Let’s give it a try “. Obviously, it was a great idea! 

Carbon Fiber design, CFRP
C-STONE by Peter Donders. An ultra-light and sturdy piece made of Carbon Fiber.

When a prestigious designer like Mr. Donders uses new technologies combined with the best of the materials to design: COMPOSITES, a new way arises to create a revolutionary kind of furniture that it is not only a simple bench.. it is a masterpiece which is exhibited around the world. In fact, these CFRP sculptures have been to Paris (Chic Art Fair, 2011 and Paris Design Week, 2012), Munich (Internal Event BMW, 2011), Portland (Internal Event Nike HQ, 2011) and recently to Sao Paulo.

Carbon Fiber Design, CFRP
Mini C-BENCH at Internal event in BMW facilities, Munich. 

C-BENCH & C-STONE have been part of the exhibition Beyond Modernism/Além do Modernism organized by Beleza Design and Art within the fair MADE – Mercado Arte Design (at Jockey Club, 5-9 November 2014) where works of Noumenon (Carl de Smet) and Kinetura (Barbara Van Biervliet & Xaveer Clerhout) have also been presented for the first time in Brazil. Mr. Donders defines this exhibition like a “Diversity of Differences”, indeed it is, especially since a point of view of new materials… 

Sao Paulo, Brazil, Exhibition, Made, CFRP
C-BENCH & C-STONE in “Beyond Modernism / Além do Modernismo”,  Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Beleza Design and Art, Brazil, Exhibition
Exhibition organized by Beleza Design and Art & MADE, Brazil.

As the most important for our readers are the materials (COMPOSITES)… First, we will present his technological partner : Seifert and Skinner & Associates. They are one of the world leading experts in Composites Pressure Vessels, they use ComposicaD – “Ultimate Filament Winding” and “Ultimate Fiber Placement” software for design, development, prototyping, testing, certification, project startup and complete turn key systems. They work with clients to develop new and innovative composite technologies. In the case of C-Bench and C-Stone, they have demonstrated that it is also possible to apply this technology in design. 

C-BENCH. Design and Manufacturing process by Seifert & Skinner Associates and Peter Donders.

It is not necessary that we relate the process because of there is a peerless technical report in JEC COMPOSITES MAGAZINE written by Axel Seifert which you can read here : JEC Issue 72 (Feature Aerospace April-May 2012). If you are interested to meet SSA, they will stay in Composite Pressure Symposium 2014 and of course in JEC EUROPE 2015

However, we would like to show several pictures (Peter Donders’ copyright) to describe the Filament Winding process and how these gorgeous pieces of seating out of carbon fiber were created by twisting a single string of carbon fiber around a piece of molded EPS foam and then removing the foam after the winding. 

CFRP process, Filament Winding
C-STONE – CFRP manufactured by Filament Winding process. 

Both the C-BENCH (3000 x 600 x 450 mm, 6 Kg., 320 m. Carbon Fiber) and C-STONE (1640 x 1150 x 400 mm, 6 Kg., 462 m. Carbon Fiber) seem light and airy, but they are very sturdy. They have been aptly described as “calligraphy in 3D” by Rob Casse of the Garden Design Journal. The 24K Carbon Tow is combined with an Epoxy Resin (Araldite by HUNTSMAN) which gives a nice finish, an important factor for the designer. 

C- BENCH an inside/outside design furniture.

Belgium designer has worked with Composites in these two limited editions (10 pieces of each one) and two more pieces C-EGG and C-FRUIT. He considers that “what you can do with Composites can help you to achieve renown”. In fact, several magazines and books have echoed these sculptures since 2010, visit Exhibition and Media for more information. 


Nowadays, he is working with Aluminum for several pieces and Noble Metals like silver, gold, etc. to design a jewelry line really impressive. He tell us that “using Carbon Fiber is more than a design process (path calculation, filament process, etc.) and that he could make all kind of different shapes but it all comes back to the basic process”. He admits that “I would love to do a design in different materials (inside Composites) and I wish that Composites surprises me in the future”. We are sure that new materials or processes will astonish him and then Peter will think of again in COMPOSITES for his designs. 


The next appointment is Miami, USA. C-Bench and C-Stone will participate in SELECT FAIR (2-7 December 2014 in Miami) through Beleza Design and Art, the Brussels-based platform to promote design and art internationally and which our artist collaborate for years, he believes they do a magnificent job to promote designers from Europe.

C-STONE  by Peter Donders.

Thanks Peter and Congratulations !!!

If you like to contact the artist, visit his page.


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