Bad Tempered Chair in Composites for Better Living

Last March, JEC COMPOSITES decided to organize a different place “Composites for better living” inside the most important fair about Composites in the World, JEC Europe which is held in Paris each year. 

Vitra, JEC 2015, Composites for better living
“Bad Tempered Chair” by Ron ARAD in JEC Europe 2015

One of the most famous pieces in the exhibition was “BAD TEMPERED CHAIR” designed by Ron Arad in 2002  and manufactured by Vitra Weil am Rhein. 

The chair is made of a combination of Glass fiber, Carbon fiber and Aramide Fiber laminated with Epoxy Resin and connected with thumbscrews. Its dimensions are 82 cm height, 1050 cm width and 750 cm length. It is really impressive, both the smooth surface and the rough. 

Paris, chair, Ron Arad, Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Aramide Fiber
“Composites for Better Living” – Exhibition in JEC Europe

When you see this chair you think…  this does not make sense to use thumbscrews because this kind of materials COMPOSITES could be together only with the power of adhesion of resin, or using a special glue…. 

Why Ron Arad has used thumbscrews? 

Composites, Design, Chair, JEC, Paris
“Bad Tempered Chair” by Ron ARAD – Carbon Surface

There is a reason, this chair is a copy of “Well Tempered Chair” designed by Ron Arad for Vitra in 1985. In that moment, the designer chose metal to create his idea. It could have been welded… but he decided to use thumbscrews. 
Sheet, Metal, design
“Well Tempered Chair” by Ron ARAD

This is the concept of “Bad Tempered Chair” by Ron Arad, using Nuts & Bolts. 

nuts, bolts, carbon fiber, composites
Plans and functional diagrams by Ron ARAD

In that way, we can notice that Composites can imitate Metal, can be processed in similar conditions. However, the most important fact is that you realize the importance to use Composites in order to avoid following steps, like using screws…

This Carbon chair is significantly lighter than Well Tempered Chair, stands up better to heavy loads and is durably flexible. Vitra has manufactured only 1000 unities. So, it is a piece of collection which has been showed in several museums around the world. 

You can see part of the exhibition “Composites for better living” by JEC COMPOSITES here.

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